Tea Rota 2018

                                                            Tea Rota

Attached below is the tea rota for our friendly matches and the few special games we are hosting this season.

We will be carrying on with the friendly games as we have in the past with all the members chosen to play bringing tea for two people. The people on duty will be responsible for setting the food out on the buffet table, laying the rink tables and preparing the tea and coffee at half time. 

The Bar will be open at the end of the match and the bar schedule can be found on the notice board in the corridor behind the kitchen.

Just inside the kitchen door is a hand sanitiser which is automatic, place hand underneath and it will dispense enough to clean both hands, please ensure you use the sanitiser prior to touching any food. There are also some disposable latex free vinyl gloves to be used for food preparation, in the first drawer. There is a dish washer which can be used to save washing up.

There will be a raffle for each match, the prizes being in a box in the kitchen. All tickets are in the drum, raffle strips need to be put on each table. Cost is £1 for two strips.





Sat 21st Apr

Headley B.C

Doreen A, Flo

Sat 28th Apr

Alton B.C.

Doreen A, Sheila

Sat26th May

Alresford B.C.

Sue, Prue

Fri 8th June


Hazel, Brenda, Ann

Wed 27th June

NHWBA Dolly Anstey

Hazel, Doreen A

Sun 22nd July

Pyestock B.C.

Kate , Alice

Sun 5th Aug

Four Marks B.C.

Doreen A, Sue and Bernie

Sat 11th Aug

Liphook B.C.

Marjorie, Ann and John

Sat 18th Aug

Farnham B.C.

Caroline, Lesley

Sat 8th / Sun 9th

Finals weekend