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Why not print off this application form and come along

Alton Social Bowling Club


The Sportsground, Anstey Road, Alton, Hants., GU34 2RL


Secretary: Richard Holden 01420 88383

Treasurer Mrs Florence Ward 01420 543662


Please complete in block letters


Surname    ___________________________________


                   Forename  __________________________________________


             Address     _________________________________________




Telephone Number ________________________________________


e-mail address          ______________________________________

I hereby forward my application for membership of Alton Social Bowling

Club together with the annual subscription fee, due each January 1st.

If accepted I agree to abide by the rules of membership as laid down by 

the committee of the club.


Membership Fees:    Adult £50     Junior (under 18 yrs) £10 Social £10   


Signature of applicant ___________________________________________

Date of Application        ____________________________________________


Amount of subscription enclosed______________________________________


For Club use :         Membership Approved & Fee Received. 


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