Green Fees

For all League, Friendly and Representative matches £2.50 Rink Fees are to be paid both home and away.

External competitions played at home shall be levied at £2.50 per visiting player (paid by home player, fee to be left in the jack box).

Green Fees are not required for internal competitions as an entry fee will be levied. Nor will paid up members pay green fees for roll-ups.

Rink Bookings

The system for booking rinks is as follows:



There will be two sessions available.

Afternoon Session – players to be off the green by 5.30 pm.

Evening Session – play to commence any time after 5.30 pm


Allocation of Rinks:

For all external competitions, the allocation of rinks will be decided before each session by drawing a number. The rink number to be played on will be drawn from the available rinks on that day.

Number 1 = 1st choice of rink

Number 2 =2nd choice of rink

Number 3 =3rd choice of rink, etc

The draw will take place in the presence of all those playing in a particular session.If a player is not available at the time of the draw, a representative may draw a number and choose a rink on his/her behalf.